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Ticket enquiries

For queries about our ticket options, see our Frequently Asked Questions or if you still need help you can email [email protected].

General enquiries

For questions about attending the festival, you can contact [email protected].

Our team is staffed entirely be volunteers, so sadly we may not be able to respond to all enquiries promptly, we appreciate your patience.

Applications for artists, volunteers, or trade can be found below and are not handle by the general enquiries team.

Leading the fight with donations and direct support for children with cancer

Teddy Rocks Festival has been recognised by the following awards

The Sarah Nulty Community Impact Award

The H Award

Heavy Music Awards Winner 2023

Exceptional positive contribution to the heavy music scene

Best Family Festival

Official partners of Teddy Rocks Festival

Teddy Rocks Festival will not be possible without the support of our partners Hall & Woodhouse, and the following sponsors

Winterborne Whitechurch
Parish Council
Winterborn Kingston
Parish Council

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