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29th April - 1st May 2022
Charisworth Farm, Blandford, Dorset

Upgrade your Camping Ticket to a Caravan & Campervan Ticket

Each person staying in the Caravan or Campervan requires their own Weekend Camping Ticket. You wil not be able to enter the Caravan & Campervan area without one.

Only one Caravan & Campervan Upgrade is required for per group staying in a Caravan or Campervan.

If you have already purchased a Standard Weekend Camping or Weekend Quiet Camping Ticket, you will not be able to purchase an upgrade.

The Caravan & Campervan upgrade does include parking, but only for the campervan itself or in the case of a caravan, the towing vehicle.

Weekend Standard Camping

Payment plans for adult, child and family tickets available

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Campervan & Caravan Terms and Conditions

Updated 26th November 2019

  1. A supplement Campervan/caravan Ticket must be purchased for anyone wishing to camp on site in a live-in vehicle. By that we mean any campervan, motorhome, caravan or trailer tent specifically designed for camping. ( See definition below.) The Campervan Ticket will be issued with a window pass that must be on display on site at all times.
  2. Access and use of the campervan/ Caravan area is subject to the Teddy Rocks Festival Campsite terms and conditions (T&C’s) as well as the terms and conditions listed below . Purchasing a campervan/ Caravan ticket constitutes your acceptance of all T&C’S.
    Download Festival Terms & Conditions
    Download Camping Terms & Conditions
  3. All persons who will be camping in the Campervan/ Caravan field must also be in possession of a full weekend festival ticket. Day tickets are not acceptable. The Campervan/ Caravan Ticket alone does not gain you entry to the festival.
  4. Pitches in the Campervan/ Caravan field measure 7m x 7m. This is adequate space for your live-in vehicle plus one of the following:
    • An extendable awning or gazebo
    • The vehicle used to tow your caravan/trailer tent
    • A single tent to be used by the family or group within the live-in vehicle
  5. There is only one live-in vehicle per pitch.
  6. Once your live-in vehicle or your towing vehicle are parked, they will not be permitted to move until you are leaving the site. If you wish to use your towing vehicle to leave then come back to site, it must be parked in the car park and possess a car park pass.
  7. Live-in Vehicle Definition: a vehicle that has been designed to have an inbuilt bed, inbuilt water storage tank, inbuilt cooking facilities. We will strictly not accept “make shift” live-in vehicles i.e. no vans or people carriers etc. with mattresses or portable cooker inside. If in doubt, contact Teddy Rocks with a photo of your vehicle: [email protected] . Any vehicle trying to pass as a campervan and deemed inappropriate by the campsite security crew, will be turned away with no refund of the Campervan ticket.
  8. The campervan field will have facilities to support you: toilets, access to a water tap, access to a waste water disposal. Note that this is waste water from washing or cooking – not toilet waste. Portable chemical toilets will have an ‘Elsan’ tip on site for you to empty in to. 9. There are NO GENERATORS allowed in the campsite. If found, the generator will be confiscated and not returned until you leave site. Likewise there are to be freestanding NO LPG canisters other than those that fitted for use within campervan or caravan.
  9. As with all of the camping fields, there are to be no open fires: no chimneys, braziers, fire pits, campfires etc. If found, the item will be confiscated and not returned until you leave site.
  10. There will be marked fire lanes within the Campervan field. Please do not park or block these lanes in any way. Your pitch should allow you all the room you need. Any vehcle or item that is found in the firelanres will be asked to move
  11. Campervans/ Caravans may be searched on entry by security staff to ensure no prohibited items as specified in the Terms & Conditions for purchasing a festival ticket or campervan ticket. Security staff will confiscate any such items and may refuse entry to the site. The discretion and decision of the security team will be final.
  12. All vehicles and belongings must be removed from the site by midday on Monday 2nd May. Any items or vehicles left on the Campervan/Caravan field will be removed and we reserve the right to charge any costs incurred in its removal to the customer.
  13. Please respect the farm land we are using by not dumping waste, leaving litter or using anything other than the toilets provided. To do so may endanger the land or any of the farm animals that use the land.

Download Campervan & Caravan Terms and Conditions

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