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Food is allowed into the camping area but no food may be taken into the arena with the exception of baby food.

Cooking equipment may only be used outside of tents regardless of weather to prevent potentially deadly build-ups of poisonous gas.


Only small purpose built off-the-ground BBQs and camping stoves can be used to cook food.

Disposable aluminium BBQs are strictly not allowed (even in the way pictured above!).


You are allowed to bring alcohol for personal consumption into the campsites. Alcohol may not be taken into the arena or on the shuttle bus.

Maximum of 24 cans, or 2x 70cl wine, or 1X 70cl spirit per person is allowed. All alcohol must be decanted into non-glass containers.

Zero Glass

There is no glass allowed as broken glass can harm children or the livestock who will use the campsite land after you leave.


Only butter knives (no locking knives or serrated edges) up to a blade length of 3 inches are allowed onsite for use in cooking . Anything that may be deemed a weapon will be confiscated.

Food Waste Disposal

Please use the bins provided. These can be found at various points around each campsite.

Terms and Conditions

Updated 12th April 2024

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