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Teddy Rocks Festival and Teddy Rocks Festival Ltd aim:

To run an annual music festival and/or other events to donate all profits and raise money for cancer charities and create awareness for children’s cancer.

To date, Teddy Rocks Festival has raised and donated over half a million pounds for local and regional cancer charities.

100% of profit from the event has and always will go to charity. Apart from a few essential paid professional services, almost all staff are volunteers, and no directors or other team members are remunerated. Hundreds of people give up a huge amount of time throughout the year and donate equipment, services, finance and support for free, to make the event happen.

100% of bar profits from our main sponsor, the local brewer, Hall & Woodhouse are also donated to the charities. This is on top of the money they donate as The Festival’s headline sponsor. All of their staff volunteer at the festival.

Most of our suppliers are local and truly understand the cause and rationale of the festival and the difference the money raised makes. We are now able to primarily support four charities: Teddy20, Young Lives vs Cancer, Bone Cancer Research and George’s Rockstars.

Two of these are local, relatively small charities and the support of the Teddy Rocks community makes a massive difference to their fundraising and support they’re able to offer. For example, Jean’s House at Southampton Hospital and Ted’s Shack in Weymouth, which are supported directly via Teddy Rocks financially, providing free accommodation to families whose children are going through cancer treatment.

Aside from the money raised, the festival has an ongoing impact on the community. We also support local young people looking to get into the live events industry, giving them real world experiences and mentors to help them build their CV’s and skill sets.

Our aim is to sell out the festival which should mean we’re able to raise in the region of £250,000 per year for local and regional cancer charities. We’ll do everything we can to reach this goal.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has ever been involved, in any capacity and to everyone who has bought a ticket and helped make a difference.

Our accounts and articles of association are publicly available. Teddy Rocks Festival Ltd [company No 13652213] is a company limited by guarantee.

We are happy to discuss any aspect of the festival. If you have any questions or would like to support us please contact [email protected]

For Ted with love x

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Leading the fight with donations and direct support for children with cancer

Teddy Rocks Festival has been recognised by the following awards

The Sarah Nulty Community Impact Award

The H Award

Heavy Music Awards Winner 2023

Exceptional positive contribution to the heavy music scene

Best Family Festival

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Teddy Rocks Festival will not be possible without the support of our partners Hall & Woodhouse, and the following sponsors

Winterborne Whitechurch
Parish Council
Winterborn Kingston
Parish Council

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