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From a local pub to an award winning, nationally recognised festival, Teddy Rocks has raised over £500,000 for children with cancer. That is the sole purpose of this festival.


Due to artist costs increasing and the larger festivals putting tougher exclusivity on the majority of acts that we can access, landing acts to headline our event has become unfeasible and far too risky. Also equipment prices are increasing at an unprecedented level. It’s time to give more money away to wonderful charities than on festival costs.


The change comes with our main stage.

The Pop night will remain with some of the best nostalgic acts you didn't think you’d get the chance to see!

Our other days will be filled with the best tributes to all of your favourite artists.

All other parts of the festival remain the same with a mix of original music, upcoming young bands, comedy and much more.

We are so excited for this move as it will save tens of thousands of pounds in our budget which we hope to funnel directly into increased donations and support.


Our shift to tributes enables a ticket price drop.

Holders of tickets for TRF2024 (purchased prior to 8th December 2023) have 3 options

  • If this doesn't tick the box for you any more, you can request a full refund from Ticketek.
  • You can get the difference between the price you paid and the new price. Request a partial refund from Ticketek.
  • If you're an absolute legend and you want to keep your ticket at it's original price, you can, and you can grab a free VIP upgrade by emailing [email protected]..

Teddy Rocks Festival will remain a magical, family driven haven of music with 100% of profits supporting children and families going through cancer treatment. We exist to donate as much money as possible, and this slight change will make a huge difference. Thank you for your loyal support. We can’t wait for 2024 and will be announcing our lineup imminently. 🫶

🐻❤️ Big love,

️ Tom & the TRF family

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Leading the fight with donations and direct support for children with cancer

Teddy Rocks Festival has been recognised by the following awards

The Sarah Nulty Community Impact Award

The H Award

Heavy Music Awards Winner 2023

Exceptional positive contribution to the heavy music scene

Best Family Festival

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