Fighting Children's Cancer With Rock 🤘

29th April - 1st May 2022
Charisworth Farm, Blandford, Dorset

Without your support, this could be our last festival together.

Like all events and festivals COVID has hit us hard. Unlike most events, we heavily rely on sponsorship from businesses and companies to actually pay for the event. Things like security, Medical, fencing, water, licensing, health and safety, lighting, sound, staging, traffic management systems, artists, marketing, PR, waste management, noise monitoring and the site itself. There are a huge amount of factors to add to this list also. To date we have raised nearly £400,000 for children and their families going through Cancer. Sadly, in the last 15 months we have been hit by BREXIT which lost us a number of sponsors. Then we get hit by COVID which has left us in a position without sponsors and a loss of around £40,000 towards our running costs.

We honestly believe in this event and truth be told, if we sold out to maximum capacity, we would see ourselves in a position to fund these costs ourselves and still raise huge amounts of money to support Children with Cancer. It is so important that we survive these next couple of difficult years and keep growing our organic growth rate to selling out, but until then we need some help.

Help us to protect this beautiful event and to help the children and families that need us. With everything that has been going on in the world, other voices needed to be heard and supported especially our wonderful NHS who are truly on the front line especially with childhood Cancer. And that is why we have waited until now.

As we return to some sort of normality, we are here asking for support. Anything you can give big or small will help in a massive way. Our army of crew and volunteers are all ready to bring you the best festival we can and to do some much needed good in the world.

Every penny from this effort will go directly to covering event costs.

If you can, go and grab some tickets as well or instead, or even some merch from our website. We will be truly thankful for anything that you can do. Buying a ticket to the festival is the best way you can help us.

If you are a business and interested in sponsorship and huge PR opportunities, please get in touch.

We started off as a 50-cap indoor gig inside a pub. What we have gone through to get us to a 5000 capacity 3-day camping event has taken everything we have and 9 years of pain.

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